The Dark Side Of BOISE REAL ESTATE. What they Don’t Want You To Know. #housingmarket #realestatecrash #boiseidaho #realestatetips

According to Inman 37% of Real estate agents, couldn’t make their monthly rent in October. So the question is, are agents telling you the truth about the market or are they just trying to make a deal happen? In this video, we are going to look at the risk of falling for the line. “Buy NOW Refinance later” Is this a good policy to go by, why or why not?

The other thing that gets thrown around is “YOU can’t make LOW BALL offers” but that is false. We currently have gotten a handful of buyers who accepted offers 14% under the last list price. When you see and know the current state of the housing market it allows you to make sure you’re working for a good deal. A couple of other things to consider. Are we just getting to a normalized market, Are we at historically low-interest rates, and is inventory low? We try to take macro stats of the Nation and bring them down to the Boise Idaho real estate market, Treasury Valley area.

When Canyon County (Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton Idaho) New Construction inventory is the same as it was back in 2008 some have to ask. (Idaho Housing Market Update) Will inventory continue to climb or will it fall? Especially when inventory is usually at its lowest point of the year in November & December. Inflation, cost of living, and Fed rates are crippling the housing market. Follow us along as we talk about the current state of the Housing Market.

Will there be a market crash? Will home prices ever come down? Why is rent so expensive? There are so many questions about the current housing market. Here, we try and answer a few!

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