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Investors DESPERATE to Escape Boise, Rental HOME Prices Plummet

Home rents drop at the fastest rate in 7 years.

The Boise, Idaho housing market and the rental market is changing in the Boise area. How can you successfully negotiate your lease? Many sellers are converting their homes into rentals. Rental prices are dropping fast.

We also talk with a local Boise native that is currently renting and tells his story of how he was able to get his monthly rent price dropped by $200.00

In this video, we take a deep dive and look at the impact that the collapsing housing and rental market is having on investors in Boise, Idaho. Investors and landlords are trying to escape the chaos, and many are frantically trying to sell their properties or even rent, but with rental prices plummeting, they are finding it almost impossible to recoup their investments or have a return on investment. It’s unclear how much longer investors in Boise can hold on. Will they be able to weather the storm, or will they be forced to cut their losses and walk away?

Are you wondering about the current state of the housing market? Are you concerned about the potential for a market crash, or wondering if home prices will ever come down? Are you trying to understand why rent is so expensive? We aim to provide answers to these and other questions about the housing market in our weekly content.

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