Boise Idaho is overvalued, BUILDERS cutting prices.

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Home sales are down 50% in 2022 We are seeing massive price cuts on new home builds. Builders are feeling the stress of the housing crash and can’t drop prices fast enough.

Redfin is reporting this is the most housing inventory we have had on record for the last 8 years. The fed just rates another .75 basis points. We picked a few new construction homes under 500K to show massive price cuts. Builders are in trouble. Homes are not affordable yet.

Prices look to keep coming down. Follow us along as we talk about the current state of the Housing Market. Will there be a market crash? Will home prices ever come down? Why is rent so expensive?

So many questions about the current housing market. Here, we try and answer a few! Are you looking to buy or sell real estate in Idaho? Do you need market updates?

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