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Foreclosure, Inventory and PRICE Drops, 2023 BOISE housing market forecast

Top 6 predictions on what is coming to the Boise housing market. We saw 15-20% decreases in home price values last year. Will we see more price cuts? With signs of the FED holding interest rates high through 2023 will that make our housing affordability continue to decline?

With home affordability through the roof how much more inventory will be brought to the market. If builders can’t sell their current inventory and landlords see more vacancies, what will happen to the Multi Family developments? If construction and the big tech (Meta, HP, Amazon and Micron) layoffs come what will happen to Idaho’s unemployment?

All these things happening could make for a perfect storm for the Boise housing market. Are you wondering about the current state of the housing market? Are you concerned about the potential for a market crash, or wondering if home prices will ever come down? Are you trying to understand why rent is so expensive?

We aim to provide answers to these and other questions about the housing market in our weekly content. If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Idaho, be sure to follow our updates.

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