The Boise, Idaho real estate market is facing challenging times, with a predicted 5% decline in home prices for 2023, according to Moody’s Analytics Forecast. This forecast has placed Boise on the top ten list of the worst housing markets in America for 2023, alongside cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Austin. In addition, several other cities in Idaho, including Pocatello and Coeur d’Alene, are expected to see sharp declines in home prices ranging from 8% to 10% in 2023.

The factors contributing to the challenging environment in the Boise real estate market are many, including rising mortgage rates that have been pushing housing affordability to its limits. The situation has resulted in a significant decrease in demand for homes, leading to lower prices for sellers.

One of the significant challenges in the Boise real estate market is the slow decline in the 30-year fixed mortgage rate, which dropped to 5.99 in early February, giving a glimmer of hope for potential buyers. However, the joy was short-lived as the market slumped due to the rising mortgage rates. As of February 2023, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate had increased to 6.78%, the highest since early November. The rising mortgage rates are attributed to recent economic data indicating that it may take longer than expected for the Federal Reserve to tackle inflation.

The future of the Boise real estate market is uncertain, and the coming months will be filled with anxiety and tension for residents, as they wait to see what the future holds for the local housing market. The decline in home prices can impact the economy, as it affects the construction industry, mortgage companies, and other businesses related to the real estate market.

The market for luxury homes in Boise has seen an increase in sales, but this may not necessarily be good news for the market as a whole. While inventory levels of homes priced at $700,000 or more have increased, and 24% of homes sold in 2022 were in this price range, it suggests that there may be more price reductions to come. As the market for luxury homes declines, it can have a ripple effect on the lower-priced homes in the market.

The decline in prices of luxury homes can force lower-priced homes to drop their prices to compete with the nicer luxury homes. In other words, when higher-priced homes like semi-custom and custom homes in nicer neighborhoods start dropping their home prices, it can force the first-time homebuyer prices and the other prices in between to start pushing down their prices to remain competitive. This is why following the luxury market is crucial in understanding the Boise real estate market.

There are some notable examples of homes in the Boise market that have undergone significant price reductions, including one that was listed for $3.3 million and is now listed at $2.2 million, a decrease of $1.1 million. Another home in the Williamson River Ranch area, a super nice development close to the river in Eagle, started at $2.8 million and is now listed at $800,000 less at $2 million. Another home in the Hillsdale estate, a gorgeous community with acreage estate homes on rolling hills, started at $1.7 million and is now listed at $1.4 million. These price reductions can impact the market and lead to a decline in prices for lower-priced homes.

Despite the challenges facing the Boise real estate market, some experts remain optimistic about its future. One reason for optimism is the growth of the local economy, which has seen an increase in employment opportunities and the influx of new residents. The cost of living in Boise is lower than in other cities, which makes it an attractive destination for people looking to relocate.

In addition, Boise’s real estate market has a relatively low inventory, which can work in favor of sellers. According to the Boise Regional Realtors, there were only 905 homes for sale in Ada County in January 2022, down from 1,402 homes in January 2021. This low inventory can help to drive prices up and create competition among potential buyers.

In conclusion, the Boise, Idaho real estate market is facing challenging times due to rising mortgage rates and a predicted 5% decline in home prices for 2023. However, there are reasons for optimism, including the growth of the local economy, the construction of new homes, and a low inventory that can work in favor of sellers. It is crucial for potential buyers and sellers to stay informed about market trends and make informed decisions based on data and expert analysis. While the future of the Boise real estate market remains uncertain, keeping up with the latest developments and trends can help individuals navigate the market successfully.

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